Catch me if you can

VAT included

Smalti, pearls, led light  ca 43x41 cm


Via the TV you can experience many places that are otherwise unreachable. One of these is the Antarctic Sea where the Emperor Penguin lives. When the Emperor Penguin needs to increase the speed in the water, perhaps to escape a leopard seal, it squeezes air out of its plumage to create small air bubbles. These act as lubricants on the feathers and reduce friction against the water. The Emperor Penguin looks like a torpedo shot out of a cannon.

In the mosaic I have used transparent smalti to illustrate the clarity of the water. At the top edge is a hidden led light stripe. The thickness of the mosaic is 2 cm and hung it protrudes 4.5 cm out from the wall. Hidden fastener for the wall is supplied.

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